Keshar Man, 2015
Oil on canvas - 80х55.7
Bhatkapur, Nepal
How does the traveller see it?
(Fragment of a post from a Facebook page)
The search for lice in art

Three girls are busy looking for lice. Nepalese artist Keshar Man completed this painting in 2015 in the city of Bhatkapur, at a gallery not far from Durbar Square, where I was able to get my hands on his work after the massive earthquake.

A Google search for lice in art led me to the Dutch artist Gerard ter Borch, who completed a canvas in 1653 with the funny title of Hunting for Lice. I knew then that I just had to put both these works of art into one post.

Seeing as I don’t put pictures from the internet on my page, I had to take a trip all the way to the Mauritshuis Museum in the Hague, where I snapped the photo that is now on my Facebook page. Interestingly, the painting sits on the museum walls right next to Johannes Vermeer’s famous work Girl with a Pearl Earring, which has been called the Dutch Mona Lisa. Both paintings are in the post.

Though we’ve left Africa for this post, Africa hasn’t left. I added another photo (see the post) of Gelada monkeys from Simien Park, Ethiopia. Many people think, wrongly, that monkeys root around for parasites on each other, like people do, but that is not the case. They’re socializing and looking for tasty salt crystals to eat.

What unites these three scenes? Well, they are demonstrations of care for one’s neighbour.

Perhaps it’s worth doing that more often?
Что скажет зритель?