Elesiu, 2017
Acrylic on canvas - 53х75
Santa Maria, Cabo Verde
How does the traveller see it?
(Fragment of a post from a Facebook page)
Dance of the Cabo Zouk

The artist Elesiu, who lives, draws and sells his artwork in the city of Santa Maria on the island of Sal – one of the 18 islands that make up Cabo Verde – probably won’t attain the level of fame that, say, Charinda from Tanzania has. His paintings won’t make it to the British Museum (Elesiu is too commercially prolific). However, you can find him on Trip Advisor and buy beautiful art at his little shop, which I, like tourists from all over the world, was able to do.

Elesiu draws life on the Cabo Verde islands, and his work never lacks bright coloring. This painting was the best one. We see local Mulatto people – descendants of both slaves and Portuguese colonizers – dancing the fiery “Cabo Zouk” dance. In Cape Verdean Creole, “Zouk” means party or festival. Curiously, there is a Pelourinho (pillory) behind the dancers, which used to symbolize the Portuguese crown and served as punishment for rebellious slaves. An artistic vision of both past and present. The city of Cidade Velha, which houses that pillory, is a UNESCO world heritage site.

History and culture, a festival underneath scenic palm trees – do we really need that much to feel happy?
Что скажет зритель?