Barbara Lavallee, 2006
Watercolor on paper
Homer, Alaska, USA
How does the traveller see it?
(Fragment of a post from a Facebook page)
How do you tell if a cat is a girl or a boy?

I added the painting Cat dreams, which I got in Alaska, as a comment under my November 8th post of the painting New Kuspuk. I didn’t plan on writing a separate post for this one, as it contains no “action”. Or rather: it contains complete feline inaction!

Is there a connection between cats and travelling? Let’s investigate. If I search the word “koshka” (sidenote: “koshka” is Russian for “cat” but specifically for female cats, while “kot” is used for male cats, or “tomcats” as we sometimes call them) in my iPhone gallery, it turns up 154 photos! Now – in addition to cats, it also turns up Gelada monkeys from Ethiopia, tree-climbing lions from Uganda, cheetahs and leopards from Kenya and even a caracal from Namibia! Whereas when I search “kot”, there are only 20 results – and they are exclusively cats! Discrimination! 

This means the search terms “kot” and “koshka” are treated differently. But how? That’s a question for the software developers. I decided to add a few “kots” and “koshkas” from around the world. I took pictures of them for one reason: I couldn’t resist. Which cat is the prettiest?

And perhaps someone will see themselves in one of them?
Что скажет зритель?