Apollinaire Ntwengeye
Acrylic on canvas, 99х50
How does the traveller see it?
(Fragment of a post from a Facebook page)
What is troubling this child? 

Burundi artist Apollinaire Ntwengeye drew this boy with an anxious facial expression. I bought this sepia-toned artwork because it fascinated me. The boy is from a well-off family; he’s wearing animal skin and has jewelry made of kauri sea shells on his arms and neck. “Child of Africa”, that’s the name of the piece, the artist said.

The facial expression on his Ukrainian counterpart would contain no less anxiety. There are blackouts in Ukraine. No electricity, no water, no heat. Perhaps in an African tribe they also lack electricity and tap water, but heat is always there. The malevolous lord of Mordor decided to freeze us. Missiles bring death and cold. I don’t know the name of that tree behind the child – it’s not an aspen, that’s for sure. But someone needs to strike an aspen stake right through the heart of that vampire from RuZZia. For good!
And what do you think?